Monday, May 21, 2007


Current Comments:
This was a very difficult time for us. As you can imagine, a mom already has her own fears about bringing her first child into the world. Add to that the thought that you have nowhere to live and it can be very stressful. I remember having a very potent dream that a social worker came and took Elon and gave him to my aunt because we had no home. I cried as he called my aunt "mom." However, I also remember being so thankful that no matter what, we are so much better off than a lot of mommies in other countries. I would imagine how a starving African mother must feel to see her baby dying because she does not have the nourishment to produce milk for her baby to nurse. We are so blessed in America.

A couple of things happened during this time:

  1. Elon was very sick when he was born. Miraculously, (even in the doctor's opinion), two days later, Elon went home with us.
  2. Our church collected $800 to help us with finishing out the month in our duplex and other expenses.
  3. On September 31, 2006 we moved out of our home.
  4. A friend of Nathan's family allowed us to live for a month (rent free!) in a little cottage that they own in the mountains here.
  5. Nathan's father found a way to help us by providing some side work so that N. could earn money for groceries, gas bill etc.
  6. During our "mountain time," Nathan had an interview from a job that he had applied for months earlier that we had given up on.

November 30, 2006

Dear Father,

I almost just wrote, "Well You showed up!" But then I remembered You said that You would never leave me nor forsake me.You were there all along. Thank You for hearing my cry for help and providing a solution. And this job seems perfect for Nathan. And You answered all the requests I had made! I am having a hard time adequately expressing how grateful I am. If this job hadn't have pulled through I don't know where we would have went.

Lord, I think back on Elon's sickness and I am so overwhelmed. Things could have been so different in my life. Thank you for putting it in Nathan's heart and spirit to pray daily for the delivery of the baby. Thank You. When Elon was lying there, hooked up to all of that equipment, the feelings I had and still feel are almost indescribable. I knew that I had to depend on You. I could do nothing in my own power and neither could Nathan. But we could call on You, and think about the Scriptures (Psalm 23 kept rolling through my mind) and I knew that whatever happened, You were in control. Lord, I can't bear to think about it anymore. Help me Father, to remember this blessing every time I get impatient with Elon crying. Remind me to be grateful for lungs that can wail like that! I bless Your name Jesus for the gifts that You gave me. I am unworthy.

I love you.

Update: Nathan is doing wonderfully at his new job. He loves it. He just received his job evaluation and they were very pleased with his performance. Thank you Lord... for all that You do!!! Elon suffered no ill repercussions from the sickness he had at birth. Believe me, his lungs are just FINE!!!


Davene said...

So good to hear more of the story! Thanks for not leaving us hanging for too long!!! :)

melanie said...

yay! God is good.
thanks for the encouraging story.
God has always "come through" for us in amazing ways too...and yet, time after time, things seem too "big" to handle, and we start to worry. so easy to forget. its always so good to hear testimonies from others who go through the same sorts of things as us. :)

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