Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Passion for Fashion!

Tuesday night I went to Fantastic Sam's for a hair cut. I used to go to the more expensive salons, but now, I just go to Fantastic Sam's. For a cut and wash it was only $9.95! Our paper puts out a weekly coupon for the salon... that's why it's so cheap... and why I've made the switch.

Anyway, after looking at the lady that I babysit for (who looks cute even after working all day as an apartment complex maintenance worker) and then looking at myself... I knew that something had to be done! While in NC, I invested in some new summer clothes and I thought it might be fun to post some of these outfits on my blog. I'll try to put some up later on today, but if not, I'll get them up by tomorrow. I'll take pictures of the outfit, give the store in which it was purchased, and how much each cost.

It's so amazing what a haircut and a few new clothes can do for a girl's spirits!

(BTW, at the mall I noticed that Bath and Body Works was having their semi-annual sale. Some items up to 75% off! I love that store!)

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Davene said...

So true about what lifts our spirits! We're simple, I guess!!! :)

You know what helps me get out of bed some mornings when I'm really dragging? Knowing that I get to wear an outfit that I especially like!!! :)