Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hand Embroidery

Last night I spent a couple of hours trying to learn how to hand embroider. I decided to try embroidering my cousin's name on a small blanket which I will then make into a burp cloth. First I drew the word "Caleb" on the blanket using washable marker (it was all I had at the time!) Then, I used blue embroidery floss to chain stitch over his name. After I have it finished, I'll be sure to post a pix.

Meanwhile, here is the website I used to learn the chain stitch: Needle And Thread The site is really a good tool to use because it has short videos that show you how to do the stitch. Like having someone at home helping you!


Ben said...
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New Mom said...

Hi Elisabeth,
Thanks for the encouragement. Just so you know, I had to delete your post because I don't use my name on my blog. I'm a little paranoid ;P It was nice to hear from you though!

Melissa said...

This looks like fun! I never thought much about hand embroidering until watching, "Wives and Daughters". They do it all the time on there. Perhaps I might take it up! Is it nice and relaxing, or frustrating at times?