Friday, July 27, 2007


My husband really needed some new cologne, he's been out for awhile. But with cologne so expensive, we usually wait until a holiday to purchase it. However, a lady at work had an Avon catalogue with the scratch and sniff pages and Nathan discovered a new cologne called R.P.M. It smells so good, quite a bit like Tommy Hilfiger, and came in a big 2.5 oz bottle. And the best part... it was a buy one at 17.50, get one free. Now he smells as good as he looks!


melanie said...

i bought my husband some avon cologne last year too...and it was great smelling. i forget the name of it right now.

New Mom said...

I wasn't so sure if it would smell like it did on the page. I was kindof scared it might smell like "cheap cologne" but it doesn't at all. And now I found some perfume that I want. It's called Sassy by Mark. It costs $15. A lot cheaper than department store perfume! It kindof smells like Cashmere Mist by Donna Karen. But her's is about 60 bucks more!

Anonymous said...

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