Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stoney Hill Collection Dishes

I CANNOT believe the deal I got on this dishware set at Ross on Saturday. $6.99, that's right, just $6.99 for a four place setting! And all because it was missing one mug. They match my decor so perfectly and I just love the mix of the rose color with the green edging! Very English Cottage. Yay for Ross!

I love the idea of mix-matching dishes. If this is something that you do, or if you would like to show off some of your favorite dishware/glasses/teacups...etc, I'd love to see photos! You can e-mail them to me and then I will post them on my blog for all to enjoy.


Mrs. Bonnie said...

Your dishes are awsome! I wanted to comment yesterday, but the computer finked out on me.
I love the idea of mixed up dishes too, only buying the different ones you like (my mom does this, also, because with 10 kids, an actual set never lasted long)
I have a nice Phaltzgraft(sp?) set my MIL and SIL got us when we were married, but a little part of me is just a tiny bit dissapointed they all match.

Melissa said...

Oh dear me! Now I'm going to have to go to Ross! I'm not so much on shopping as I am with finding things on sale! I do love Ross though, and that cute little set of place settings! Thanks for sharing, you've got me motivated to look for some new stuff, on sale!

New Mom said...

Thanks ladies.

Mrs. Bonnie, I know what you mean, mix matched dishes-- so shabby chic! Your mom discovered the best thing about it... you never have to worry if one gets broken!

Hannah said...

oh, i wish we had a Ross! Whenever we travel south, I make a special effort to stop at one. We northeners need one!