Monday, October 8, 2007

A Day Full of Pepper Pickin'

On Saturday, my little family met with my in-laws to gather produce at one of the local farms. Every year we do this, it's sort of a fall family tradition. Simple and fun and a great excuse to be outdoors.

The cutest lil' pepper picker there ever was!

As you can see, Elon had a blast playing in the dirt and filling the bucket with peppers he picked himself.

Crimson beauties...

The feel of the warm sun on my skin, a cool breeze tousling my hair, the quiet thumping of peppers being dropped into big 5 gallon buckets. There is something so relaxing and simplistic about picking.

Two boys eager to fill their buckets to the brim!

And rows upon rows of ripe green and red chilis, just waiting to be harvested.


Davene said...

What a gorgeous day to be outside! And Elon sure is the cutest. :)

What do you do with all those peppers? Can them? Dry them?

New Mom said...

Actually, we freeze them. After picking, we head over to the farm's market and pay $5 for them to be roasted in a huge grill (as seen in earlier posts). After roasting, we separate and bag them and then stick em' in the freezer. Later on, I will try to post that rice recipe you had asked about. It's kind-of a mild rice dish but it's a good complement to other spicy foods.

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