Friday, October 19, 2007

Ladies Luncheon

I haven't posted in a while because it's been a very busy couple of days. First of all, Nathan had a conference in Denver to attend. The first night, I stayed alone, which meant virtually no sleep for me! I hate sleeping alone. Foolishly, I decided to take Elon to my bed... BIG MISTAKE. All he wants to do is play with my lips and nose and sit up in bed giggling! After all the excitement my nose brought, he was reluctant to fall back asleep again. I won't make the mistake of awakening a child when they are sleeping again-- no matter how lonely I am! The second night of the conference, Elon and I stayed with Nathan at the hotel. It was so nice to get away! Nathan ended up getting out of the training at 10:00 am! It was IHOP for breakfast, PF Changs for dinner and a little window shopping at Park Meadows Mall. What a treat!
Today was a really *delightful* day. A family friend invited Elon and I to a ladies luncheon she was having at her house. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera : ( It was a gorgeous day for a scenic ride and fortunately, the hostess lives way out in the country in a cozy house surrounded by pastures and farmland. It was so nice to be treated to a lunch with meals so beautifully presented. For the first course, we had a savory pumpkin soup served with stuffed mushrooms. Second course, spinach salad topped with lemon poppy seed dressing and fresh raspberries, garnished with half a boiled egg. Third course, dainty sandwiches topped with thinly sliced ham or delicious egg salad. And lastly, pumpkin torte and scones served with hot tea or coffee.

I can't say how much I enjoyed the company of these Christian women, some older some younger. It is so nice to be around ladies who know how to enjoy delicious food and an attractive setting. I often get lonely in finding women my age who are interested in such things. There was something so simple and beautiful about talking with these women-- watching the babies play on the floor and discussing our children, husbands, and homes... and how we balance it all out to ensure we are making time for God. It was so peaceful a day that even Elon had to settle down and relax a bit! I feel so refreshed and am really grateful that I was invited to share in this fellowship with like minded women!

If you haven't done something like this-- just for women-- I encourage to put on a pretty outfit, send out a few invitations to your closest friends, and make a simple meal. I'll bet you'll be glad you did!

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Davene said...

I had to smile thinking of Elon "entertaining" you in bed that night. :)

I remember once when we lived in Israel and Jeff was out of the country for a conference, I had a hard time sleeping at night, too. I actually slept on the couch because it was way too lonely in the bed without Jeff! But I didn't make the mistake of waking my sleeping child to be with me!!! :)

I'm so glad you had time for refreshment for your soul. Like-minded women friendships are so vitally important, and I find that the age of the women is far less of a factor than one might think. I hope you will be able to continue to have time with them or others who help to nourish you!