Friday, October 12, 2007

Random News...

Elon is looking up at me, smiling, with two little streams running out of his nose :( The little girl I babysit has a cold and I pray he doesn't get it! Ooooh, in other news... guess what I got for my birthday.... it's something for the kitchen, don't have time to post a picture right now so I'll show you later.

BTW, would anyone be interested in participating in a show and tell Friday if I started doing them on my blog?


Davene said...

What is a show and tell Friday?

I hope Elon is feeling OK. My boys have had colds for a just seems to linger and linger...poor little guys.

New Mom said...

Show and tell Friday is when you take a picture of something special/that you like and talk about it on your blog. I will then link to you from my blog so everyone can see. It could be your favorite book, a yardsale find, something you created... just about anything.