Monday, November 26, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig..

Sorry for disappearing like that. I've been in NC and haven't had any real access to the net. Now that I'm back, I feel like I just can't keep up! I have been sorting, stacking, and packing all day long trying to get the house in a semi-decent state before Nathan comes home tonight. It didn't help things that the day after we came back my sil got married.

Our schedule went something like this:

Friday- arrive home at 10:00pm, unload the car, go to bed

Saturday- begin getting ready for wedding, 12:00 pictures, 2:00 wedding, 5:00 reception at the Marriott, 8:30 home, begin unpacking luggage and cleaning up house, bedtime

Sunday- awake early for church, drop Nathan and Elon off at home, clean out car, pick up sil and new husband from Marriott, lunch with them, drop them off two hours away, drive two hours back, spend a little time with Nathan and Elon, bedtime

Monday- rise and shine early to get Bella (whom I babysit), sort through the mountains of laundry, wash fold, wash fold, put away the big boy clothes my sister gave to Elon, sort through Elon's toybox and throw away junk, pack up Elon's tiny baby clothes, lunch, clean up, blog.

WHEW! I am worn out! But I think I am finally beginning to see a little progress...

***Just a side note, I just popped over to the Sparrows Nest and noticed that she also began today's blog with the above title. Well, so much for my ingenuity but really, great minds do think alike!


Davene said...

It's good to have you back! I hope the catch-up process continues to go well for you. :)

I ran across something today in a homeschool magazine that I thought might be interesting for Nathan. It's an independent Christian film festival, and it was held in San Antonio last month. There's a $10,000 grand prize available. :) Obviously, the one for 2007 is already over, but I thought "maybe" this is something that he might be interested in for the future??? The website is
Let Nathan know that when he wins the grand prize next year, I'll only expect a small portion of the money as my share! :)

New Mom said...

Thank you Davene. Nathan read your post and he's excited! Hmmm, I think I sense a film starring a 20 something year old Puerto Rican female as the lead! ;)