Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Cheer

On Wednesday, Nathan and I made breakfast for his office as our Christmas gift to them. I was still recuperating from all of the other happenings this week so I decided to keep it very simple... two sausage and broccoli quiche, "those" potatoes, a bowl of green apples, a platter of cookies (from the exchange), and a pan of biscuits. I took the tray from the cookie exchange that I had laden with different types of hot cocoa and tea and we also brought a pretty Christmas pitcher of juice. These items we spread on the table on top of the Martha Stewart table cloth and beautiful matching plates and napkins I had found (again on clearance) last year.

I couldn't believe how grateful and excited everyone was to have such a simple breakfast! I guess I forget what it was like when I worked and hadn't had time to eat breakfast, which was practically every day! Hosting breakfast for Nathan's office was such a fun and pretty easy way to spread holiday cheer throughout the office.

Isn't that a beautiful photo! Image provided by


Davene said...

I thought that picture was from YOUR house! What a beautiful fairytale Christmas pic. :)

And your breakfast menu sounds delicious!

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Elizabeth said...

Love the photo!