Thursday, January 10, 2008


Still no word on the house. Today was supposed to be THE day. As I was sitting here wondering whether or not my realtor would call, I decided to stop by Anna's blog. It was my first time reading her blog and I was amazed at what I read. I only meant to read the last couple of posts, but found myself caught up in the lives of Anna and her beautiful African children. For me, it was a very humbling experience to read about the trials that she and the kids endure in Mozambique. Caring for a four year old baby who is HIV+... watching children open their shoe boxes from Operation Christmas child... hoping and praying that I won't get malaria in a country without adequate health care.

I am reminded again of how blessed I really am and how much I take for granted. As a sheltered American, I fail to realized how much I have been given. Father, forgive me for having an ungrateful attitude and continue to send me these reminders whenever I forget how blessed I truly am.

Ladies, please remember to pray for Anna, I know it must be tough to be a young woman living in a foreign country with no family nearby, especially during the holidays. It also sounds like protection from malaria and other sickness might be good things to pray about.

Anna, I hope you don't mind me using one of your blog photos...

Edited to add:

I received this e-mail from Anna's mom right after this post...

Hello "New Mom,"I am Polly, Anna & Mrs. Bonnie's mom. We were very thrilled to see you mentioning Anna on a recent blog entry. I emailed Anna right away so that she would check it out. Unfortunately, this afternoon we found out that she has malaria again. (She had it right before is unusual for her to get it so quickly since the last bout with it.) It may be a few days before she is well enough to get on the computer again. They have medication at the center for treating malaria. She's had it several times in the last couple of years.

So please, let's remember Anna in our prayers!

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annacoumos said...

HI New Mom! My mom e-mailed today to tell me to check my website cuz you had posted. She always tells me when there are new comments;-) I was very touched to see you had posted on your blog too. God is very good and it is a joy to be here. Thank you for your prayers. I actually have malaria at the moment. I went almost a year without. Then I got it right before Christmas, and now again. I guess God wants to give me rest...? I am Mrs. Bonnie's sister from Crabapplepond by the way.
About World Vision, my family supports a little girl through them. And we get their gift catalogs and usually send a gift in my grandma's name for Christmas for her every year.
Bless you! I enjoy your blog too! Love, Anna