Monday, January 7, 2008

Forces Fighting Within...

My journal entry for 1/2/2008

Pray and believe for a good deal on a house that fits our needs. Pray for this...

  1. A house we can afford without constant worry
  2. Good area with friend potential
  3. Close enough for my babysitting job
  4. Space to grow in
  5. Space to entertain and have the kids close but not too close
  6. Something attractive and with character
  7. A special space for Nathan to get away in
  8. A view of the mountains
  9. A fireplace
  10. A fence for a dog
  11. Sunny/cheerful
  12. Garage
  13. Nice neighbors
  14. Under $120,000 total costs

--I know it's not too much for God--

Yesterday we put in an offer on a house that meets everyone of the above mentioned criteria. It needs a little work, mostly cosmetic but is in a pretty good area just right down the road. As I was beginning to type this post, the phone rang and my realtor informed me that we are in a multiple offer situation. Basically, that means that their have been other offers submitted today on the same house-- now they are asking us to give our highest and best offer. They will only counter-offer with one party, the party that submitted the highest original offer. Because the house was listed at $119,900, we have decided to stay at our original offer of $120,000 with the seller paying up to $4,000 in closing costs.

Coming to this conclusion was a very big struggle for me. I realize that there is a very good chance that the other party will put in an offer higher than the listing price of $119,900 which would knock our offer right out of the game. However, in my journal entry, I just so happened to list 14 things that I wanted and it appeared that God met all 14. Now #14 is in question. Thoughts running through my mind are "Should I offer $4000 more, that's only a $20 increase in monthly payments" or "Was that $120,000 a divinely inspired number, or should I disregard that part of my prayer and allow for some lee-way" or "By ignoring the fact that I wrote these criteria, and God answered every one except the last, I can come up with a plan B and make this house happen on my own terms... God gave me the common sense to know that it would only be a $20 a month increase and I should use that common sense."

I have decided to let my initial offer of $120,ooo stand. In my journal entry I wrote, "I know it's not too big for God." Now, because of the circumstances, I question whether or not this is too big for Him. I am tempted to make it happen on my own, but I will not give in to that temptation. It's like saying, "Well God, I'm asking you to answer my need for this ________. But if You don't, it's OK, I'll just do it myself." Foolish as I am, this is an extremely difficult act of submission for me.

Would you please pray that by a miracle, our offer would be accepted, Lord willing?


Mrs. Bonnie said...

I just saw this today (Tuesday 6:02am!) but will be praying anyway! Let us know!

Davene said...

What a tough position to be in! I will be praying--and most of all, for your heart during this struggle.

Jam said...

I will join in prayer with you guys too. We have similar aspirations in the upcoming 4 months. By the way, I have no clue how you found my blog. It was sort of in a "test beta" stage, but it has gone off public somehow. Anyway, I am glad you think I have a very talented brother, and yes, you are right, his wife does inspire him very much lol =). I will post some more pics of the wedding.

New Mom said...

Better talk to the ole' ball and chain... she has a link for it on her blog :)