Saturday, January 5, 2008

Journaled-- 2008 Goals

I usually don't do this, but several books I've read talk about the importance of having set goals. So here are mine for this year:
  1. Visit Florida

  2. Visit Myrtle Beach

  3. Begin Exercise Regimen

  4. Prepare Weekly Menu in Advance

  5. Read Bible Daily

  6. Dress Up More Often

  7. Fix Hair and Makeup Daily

  8. Pray AM and PM and Always

  9. Get on Some Sort of a Schedule and KEEP IT! Even if loosely.

  10. Potty Train Elon

  11. Move into Our Own Home

  12. Pray Before Spending and Keep Accurate Financials

  13. Write More Letters

  14. Take Piano Lessons

  15. No More Library Fines!

I have all of these things written in a small journal. Behind this page, I have a page descibing in detail how I will go about accomplishing these goals, maybe I'll post this part later. I sure hope this helps me be a little more organized!


Davene said...

Good for you!

I'm the type to ALWAYS write down goals for the new year...but oddly enough, I haven't really gotten into that this year. I do know I want to lose weight and not feel like such an elephant, but I'm pretty confident that will happen soon. ;)

If I lived close to you, I'd give you piano lessons! :)

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Chuckle- no more library fines, you sound like me!

New Mom said...

Davene, I'd love to take piano lessons from you! We'll have to talk to our husbands about a possible move!

Mrs. Bonnie, hate, hate, hate library fines... especially because I have no one to blame for them but myself. They're kinda like traffic tickets...