Friday, January 25, 2008

My Family

Big Sister

Little Sister

Mom and Little Brother

Daddy and 2 Russian Sisters

Elon Just Before His First Haircut

Elon and Little Sister

Elon Is Just Like His Uncle Dig

Uncle Dig, My Little Bro.
My Grandpa and I

Russian Little Bro.

Me and My Russian Sister

My Grandpa


Elizabeth said...

What great pictures Himilce! What a beautiful family my brother married into =) The picture of Elon before his first haircut is so sweet!! Your sisters are so pretty! The russian kids have grown so much already!! I could go on and on..... I better stop!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

I second Elizabeth- what a beautiful family!
I think you mentioned being Puertorican, and Native American, if I got that right, which parent is which nationality? I have a guess, but I'm still curious.

Lisa said...

I love the photos! The photo of your and your grandpa is especially sweet.

New Mom said...

My mom is NA. Her mother was Lumbee and her father is part Cherokee. She has light skin but NA features. Of course that would make my dad the PR!

Lisa, thanks. I am extremely close to my grandpa. I like that picture too, I do kind-of which I had made time to put on a little makeup though! Thanks goodness it is a black and white!

annacoumos said...

Hi, are your russian siblings adopted? I would love to know about that!

New Mom said...

Anna, I'll be sure to do a post on the story of my sibs adoption soon.