Saturday, February 2, 2008


My apologies to those who may have been irritated by my request on certain blogs to read this post. I did it for the sake of Tino.

The following taken from Anna's blog
Mozambique Journal. Please take time to read this post and PRAY!

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up.
James 5:15
I am asking for your prayers for this little guy (in the middle) named Tino.
He is about 4 years old, and living in our baby house. He is battling health issues,
and this past week has gotten so weak! It is really strange, and the doctor at the clinic
sent him home saying he had a clean bill of health, but tonight in the baby house, he is so
weak he could hardly sit up on his own, and kept laying his head down on the table
because he can't hold himself up.
Please intercede on his behalf! Our God IS an awesome God! Let's keep defending the
weak and helpless by lifting them to our Father!
Thank you so much for your prayers.

Thank you for praying for Tino! For those asking, he is still the same. Feverish, diarrhea, weak. He has also lost his sight. He is still in the hospital (almost a week now). I went to visit him last Wednesday. He could not sit up on his own, but was leaning on my shoulder, and then he was making Indian sounds while patting his mouth with his hand. It was good to see he is still his playful self. But just so weak!
Doctors have yet to find what is wrong, but here everything seems to take sooo long. They did a cat scan last Thursday, but then the doctor wouldn't be back to read it until today (Monday). It's so annoying.
Please continue lifting him up! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Richest blessings on your week.
In Jesus,

Yesterday (Wednesday) morning I went to visit Tino and bring diapers and food for him and the tia who was staying with him. I and another missionary arrived at the hospital, and found his room. Much to our surprise, the tia had packed up his bag, and said the doctors had discharged him. "What?!" I was shocked. His was laying motionless on the bed. The doctor was still in the room, but dealing with another patient. When he finished I caught him and asked him why they were sending him home. "Oh, he won't get better. He will either stay like this, or slowly grow worse." "Yeah, but weren't you going to do another CAT scan to see if the swelling had gone down?" "He will stay like this or get worse. We are sending him home with you now." Oh how I have struggled these past 2 days with our lousy medical care. So, we brought him home with us. Today he went to GATV (HIV clinic) and was seen by several doctors and they said he definitely should NOT have been discharged. They did an EKG (or something like that, by the neurologist) and he is having seizures regularly. He is suffering so much. He's not had anything to eat today, and only drank a little water. To top it off, the hospital put a feeding tube in and sent him home again. Well, the tube is so tiny we can't get anything through it!
Today I had to just come to the realization--God is in control. Obviously we cannot trust in medical care. And even then, they can only do so much. So, please pray. I talked to Tracey tonight (she is the missionary over the baby house) and she said she feels to pray God take him quickly or do a miracle. But either way do it quickly so he doesn't suffer any more!
Please pray as God leads you. Pray for those caring for him. Pray for the children that know him and love him. Pray for God's will to be done in perfect timing, and for Tino to be a testimony of God's loving care.
Thank you for your faithful prayers!!
In Him,

The official medical diagnosis for Tino is cephilitis. It came on quickly and is very rapidly happening in his little head. He is on medicine to stop the swelling on his brain. He lost his vision, he cannot speak, he cannot sit up on his own, and yesterday when Tracey (director of the baby house) went to see him, he did not know her. She sat and sang to him and prayed for him because she believes he can still here.
The plan is that he will finish the medicine for the swelling in a week, and then come back to live at our center, in Tracey's little dorm of 4-5 year olds, and be cared for 24 hours.
I know God has numbered all of our days and we don't lose when we die if we know the Lord. We get to dance with Jesus! Last night at intercession I had a picture of Tino's skinny little body holding out His hands to Jesus and dancing with him, even while in the physical he is on a hospital bed and can't see.
Don't lose hope. Fix your eyes on Jesus.
Please pray:
Tino would NOT suffer or be in any pain
He would regain a good appetite
His eye sight would come back
Swelling on his brain would go down immediately
God would give wisdom and peace to those directly caring for him
And that God would HEAL HIM with a miracle!!!
Thank you for your concern and faithful prayers. Our God is a Faithful Father! I will update you with any new information as I receive it.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


Elizabeth said...

Yes Himilce, I will pray for him. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Olivia said...

I just stubbled across your blog from somebody elses. I will be praying for the little boy! Our God is a good God who hears our cries and answers our prayers! ~Olivia~

P.S. Please check out my blog if you get the chance.

melanie said...

i'll be praying also...
for sure!
it breaks my heart to think of that little boy in so much pain.

Davene said...

I don't mind at all that you left a comment on my blog, alerting me to this!

I haven't been "getting out much" in blogdom since Tobin's birth, but I do look forward to catching up with your blog--hopefully soon! I miss checking in with my blogging buddies. :)

In the meantime, I will definitely pray for Tino!

Lisa said...

Thank you, thank you for leaving the update on my blog. It is an urgent situation and the more people praying the better.

annacoumos said...

Hi New Mom, Thank you for praying for Tino. Please feel free to keep the posts on your blog! Thank you for alerting intercessors to pray for him. At the moment please pray we can find his grandmother who brought him to us a year ago. We feel she needs to know how he is, but after a week of searching for her and the address we have, we cannot find her! She was coming to visit occasionally and it has been awhile, so pray God would bring her soon. TIno is very sedated from medicine for the seizures he was having so constantly. But if we take him off the medice it would be very dangerous. Please also pray for the sores in his mouth to go away. He is doing well with tube feeding. Thank you so much for your heart for Tino! God hears your prayers. Blessings!

tamlovesran said...

Lifting Tino up in prayer!