Sunday, April 27, 2008

From Prison to Preisthood...

Wow, church was so good tonight! We had a guest speaker, Pastor Maury Davis, from Cornerstone Church in Nashville. He is an ordained Assemblies of God pastor who has an awesome testimony of redemption. Once a convicted murderer serving time in prison, he is now pastor of one of the largest A/G churches in America. You can hear his testimony here:
Why don't you listen to it while you do the dishes today, it's so good! I'd also recommend it to any parents of "prodigal children," it's very encouraging.

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Davene said...

It's great to hear about what inspires you!

I wish I could listen to it while doing the dishes, but our computer is downstairs and the only thing I do down here (usually) is computer stuff and laundry (which is too noisy to listen to anything).

In Israel our computer was in the living room...and our apartment was so small that we could hear it from anywhere. I do miss listening to stuff on the computer while doing other jobs!