Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Finding Employment...

Since I haven't posted in forever, I am entitle to one stinkin' long post!

So I started my new job last week. I am taking care of a 2.5 month old little boy named Andrew. He is so cute and cuddly! At first I was completely overwhelmed by the situation. Trying to get Elon to settle down at my employer's house was a nightmare. He was a little TYRANT, I kid you not. {Somehow he sensed that I could/would not spank him in front of Andrew's mother and he took full advantage of that!} And of course, Andrew cried inconsolably my first two days there. Halfway through the first morning I almost walked out. I mean I was sooo close to calling it quits. Either that, or a nervous breakdown! The problem was that two days before I was to start my new job, Elon learned how to break out of the pack n play :( When I laid him down for a nap, he climbed out at least 25 times! The worst part was that he was in an "I'm so tired I am deliriously-hyper mood." And my employer was privy to the whole episode! I was sooo embarrassed... and sweaty! THANKFULLY, when I return to work on Wednesday she will not be there. I don't think she realizes how difficult it is to settle down a toddler in someone else's house when that someone else is walking around and opening interesting drawers filled with exciting things like bottles, pots, pans, and KNIVES! AAACCCKKK!!! Plus, I am required to play with Andrew the entire time he is awake. I have to read to him, talk to him, and do exercises with him. Which I enjoy, just not all day! Instead of a full 10 hour day, on my first day, I only worked seven and Andrew only napped for 45 minutes! That meant 6 hours and 15 minutes of playing and talking to a two and a half month old! I really thought I was losing it. {I know what you're thinking... I am a horrible nanny. I agree. Any good nanny should probably love playing with children all day, even if they are giving you a bleary eyed stare while you are reading Horton Hears a Who and having an adult conversation with them...}

Here I am, trying to convince a first time mom that she needs to hire someone with a child... that they are so much more knowledgeable, experienced, wise, etc. than someone without a child... that Elon will be great company for her baby... And all the while I am holding Andrew with one arm, dragging a limp Elon with the other, and holding the bottle with my chin! Hmmm, not such a good first impression. Well, at least she didn't fire me on the spot! Yesterday Elon calmed down a little, so hopefully she noticed and was impressed :}

Meanwhile I'm thinking... I don't need to be caring for anyone else's child, I don't even know how to handle my own! Those terrible two's have started early around this house! In the past four days, Elon has broken one bowl, one glass, one ceramic handled spoon; and dumped one bottled water, one gallon of water, and one bottle of baby powder on the floor {see next post} I love him so much but he is such a busy bee!

I really am thankful for a job though. I am telling myself that Elon will adjust and things will get better. That we'll get used to staying in two rooms all day {it's too hot to go outside and I'm not allowed to transport Andrew yet}, and I'll get used to playing with two babies all day. I realize that this is WORK and it's not necessarily meant to be fun... I just can't let Andrew's mom sense that! Hmmm, I don't sound very thankful do I? Ok I really am trying to be thankful {I know you hate me right now, Saretta, I'm such a complainer aren't I? Honestly, I don't understand why God takes up time with me at all.} But I am determined to begin focusing on the positive: I get to take E. to work with me, It isn't hard manual labor, I get paid $14/hr plus vacation and sick time, I have a nice boss, I don't have to stress about the bills or search Craigslist for a job, and I get to take care of a cute baby! So there, see Saretta, I am thankful ;P


Jaedan's Mom said...

I can't imagine taking care of an infant and a toddler. (That is why God has only blessed me with one so far.)Don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself a grace period for you, Elon and the baby to get used to your new environment.

Elon will settle down a little once the newness of the situation wears off. It's so exciting to see new things you can get into and when Mom is busy you can get into so much more!!

I am no saint when it comes to being thankful. Just ask Rick how ungrateful I was last week! It is not always easy to see the silver lining and I have had some head and heart battles over the last month.

I'm saying a prayer for you. My favorite line is "This too shall pass".

New Mom said...

Oh sure, I don't believe it. You never complain-- tell Rick to come visit me in AZ and boy will he be grateful to get back to his humble and grateful wife!

BTW, I've been wanting to call this week but I've been swamped. I'm eager to know what's going on over there with the job situation.

Davene said...

What mom plays with her baby the entire time he/she is awake??? That's a good way to create a baby who's completely dependent on the mother or caregiver for everything...and never learns to self-entertain. I hope Andrew's mother calms down a little in her expectations of you!

I'm sure things will improve as each of you adjusts to it. And way to go about keeping a positive attitude!!!