Friday, June 20, 2008

Car and School Trouble...

I wanted to post a before and after today. But with so many things going on, I'm not sure I'll get a chance. Some of you know this, but Nathan is having a little trouble with his employer. They promised to allow him to attend school but have reneged on the promise. Of course, this has been a source of great anxiety for us. Film school was the whole reason he gave up his promising job in CO to take a lower job in AZ. Today he is trying to meet with the President of the school to discuss the situation. We are praying for God's will to be done as this will affect whether or not we stay in AZ.

On top of that, we just found out our old Honda needs $1600 worth of work. Nathan didn't tell me, but for the last couple of days he's been driving to work in the 110 degree weather with no air conditioning. Poor guy! Turns out it needs a new air compressor and a couple of other things. The car is a '97 so we're just not sure it's worth the investment. Hmmm... have a car payment or have a car that could potentially cost more $ than it's worth??? I guess it all depends on what the president of the school tells Nathan. I'm curious as to what my readers think... car payment or questionable investment? Drop me a comment.

Sooo.... I will be looking for a car and worrying and praying instead of rearranging and decorating and posting! But things should get resolved today so I'll try to get something up for tomorrow's post.

BTW, I linked to the definition of "reneged" because I never would have recognized the word I usually spell "r-e-n-i-g-g-e-d."


Davene said...

Oh, I hope you post quickly with the results of Nathan's conversation. That's terrible that they're going back on their agreement with him. :(

We haven't had a car payment for quite a few years, and it's so nice to be free from that!!! But sometimes it is wiser to not dump much money into fixing something up. I don't know...I'm not much help, I guess.

Jolanthe said...

I would definitely say fix it. :) But that's just me talking with being debt free. Unless you have the money saved up to buy a used car, keep fixing baby. That way you won't have a car payment at all.

That is a lovely thing!! :)