Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don't Ya Just Love Dining With Friends?

Yesterday Nathan, Elon and I visited Marie and John for dinner. We had so much fun eating, talking, and decorating! And the food was delish!

John has a great recipe for strawberry lemonade served in frosted flutes.

What a presentation, Marie... you just may have outdone John!
Look at those gorgeous trifles... recipe please!

Helping Marie decorate made me conscious of the lack of a decorator's touch in my own home, so today I spent most of the day rearranging furniture and accessories; dressers, bookshelves, and sofas all moved by Moi! Guns, baby, guns! {For all of you folk's who don't speak ghetto, translation: "muscles, baby, muscles!"

Tomorrow's post:

Pictures of the finished small bookshelf...
Last week's yard sale finds...
This week's yard sale finds... I got some goodies, and only wasted about $25 in gas :( Still, the thrill of the hunt is worth the gas! Thanks for coming with me, Marie. It's much better when you have a friend along to enjoy the excitement of a good find :}


Marie M said...

John and I had so much fun with you guys the other night! I want to post about it also! I just haven't unloaded the camera yet.

I don't know if I out did John, he is a pretty hard sucker to beat when it comes to cooking! But I am glad that my meal didn't flop!
The desert was my favorite because it was so easy and tasty! I will have to post the recipe!

Yeah I got some great finds also at yesterdays yard sales! Thanks for paying the gas! Thats what paid the ticket for me to come with you!

Thanks again for the help with the decorating of my walls and stairways! I finished the master bedroom walls. I didn't end up using the little pictures for the stairway wall but instead used them in the Master room.
I want to start looking for mirrors now so I can decorate that wall. You will have to come and see how my progress is going!

Jaedan's Mom said...

I'm so glad you have family to hang out with! I love being with family, it makes everything better.

Davene said...

I'm glad you had such a fun evening! And thanks for the translation on the "guns" comment; that one had me scratching my head. :)

Great pic of you and your hubby!