Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Suprises

Here is a picture of Nathan's Father's Day Suprise:

Elizabeth, Marie and I fixed up his office dark and dreary-- just the way he likes it. He loves canvas and has been bugging me for years to use it as the bedding in our room. Of course, that whatn't gonna happen so I decided to give him his own little resting place. Elizabeth was able to secure this very nice sleigh bed for us for free! Now he can take a nap in a room that fosters dreams of living in a Vietnamese shack! Thank you Elizabeth and Marie for your help!

The rest of his gift consisted of a video game, a couple of bottles of wine, and dinner with Marie and John at a local greek restaurant. Nathan had falafel and I had the chicken gyro. It was SOOOO good! Nathan was very pleased with his Father's Day!

BTW, if you haven't seen it, watch that I Love Lucy episode on the previous post. It's hilarious!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

New Mom, that is stunning! It looks like it belongs in a magazine! Oh I wish I had you decorating knack!

Davene said...

That's great that you fixed it the way HE likes it! :)

And I agree with Mrs. Bonnie that it looks really good!

Elizabeth said...

Himilce, it looks perfect. You have Nathan's eye down! It even looks great in your captures the room perfectly :)

Marie M said...

I love his room Himilce! It looks just like him!
I had fun rearranging it with you! I bet we gained some weight for new muscle growth!!