Friday, June 27, 2008

Marie's Five Minute Face Makeover

Well, here it is. It is a little over five minutes because I kept disappearing to get Elon out of the kitchen. He knew we were occupied so it was a great opportunity to tear out all the contents of Marie's pantry. Also, ignore his background slams, bams, and gibberish.

Because of the lighting, you can't see everything, such as her highlights and blush. I think I may take a before and after picture of Marie later so that you can see the details. Enough preface and excuses, enjoy.


Elizabeth said...

How fun! I really liked that Himilce! I love that mascara that you used, Marie tried some on me the other day and it worked really well!

Davene said...

This was fun to watch...and also fun to hear your voice for the first time. :)

It seems like you really enjoy working with make-up. Have you thought about pursuing that line of work?

You do have a very pretty model. :)

New Mom said...

Elizabeth, I accidentally stole Marie's. I kept wondering how my mascara turned brown.

Davene, I'm really not all that good at makeup application, so no I've never considered a career in it. However, it does sound fun! I did Carmindy's makeup technique because it's easy, even for me. BTW, I began mumbling in the video because I was so nervous about everyone hearing my voice. I sound so funny to my ears, my voice sounds deep, and I don't like it. It's really funny when you hear a blogger's voice for the first time, cause you already have this idea of what they sound like. Could you tell from my accent I am from the South or have I lost it completely?

Davene said...

You're is funny to hear a blogger's voice after having a preconceived idea of how it should sound. :)

I think you have a nice need to mumble! :) And I didn't detect much southern accent; I guess you need to spend some more time in NC!