Friday, June 13, 2008

Shoe Shopping

Today Nathan is getting off of work early so I am heading to the mall with Marie. I wore a whole in my only brown sandals, so I really need another pair of neutral shoes to wear to work. I have lots of shoes, unfortunately, I have a tendency to buy shoes that aren't practical-- meaning I have hot pink strappy heels, white strappy heels, brown strappy heels, tan strappy heels, etc... but can you see the nanny arriving in stilettos! But I am a heels person {even to the point of seeing a chiroprator due to a high-heeled pregnancy}! I've had to dress professionally for all of my other jobs, so I have collected quite an assortment of dressy shoes. It's so sad to see them in the closet, collecting dust. Goodbye, sexy, strappy, sandals. Hello soccer mom flats!

I'm thinking about these:

or these:

I normally don't do metallics, but lately they've been growing on me. The nice thing is, they go with everything. These shoes are available at Payless. I'll be sure to post the ones I choose.


Sweet Ruthie said...

I hope you chose the first ones!!
They are so cute, i have been wanting to get a pair similar to those.

Marie M said...

Yeah I love the first ones also! You will have to post the ones you got!

Davene said...

Hey, who says soccer mom flats can't be sexy, too? ;)

Hope you found something you like!

New Mom said...

Davene, I think there are a select few that can be. However, I have stick legs and a size 10 foot. I need heels :}