Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've been enjoying doing my What I Wore Sunday posts, and while my outfits aren't perfect, I do hope that they help ladies realize that it is possible to dress nicely on a budget. I do the posts because I love seeing what other people wear, their individual style-- how they accessorize and how much they spend on an outfit. It's really interesting to me. So I hope everyone enjoys the next few posts on my latest Goodwill purchases and also as I continue my What I Wore Sunday posts. If fashion isn't your thing, just bear with me-- I'll soon skip to another topic!
Shirt- $1.00 Banana Republic via Goodwill
Capris- $10 Ross
Shoes- can't remember, but they were on clearance at Ross
Necklace- gift from Nathan, Target


Katheryn said...

Thanks for sharing. I love the Goodwill. I can't even tell you how many name brand really cute things I have gotten. I love it! There was a time that getting dressed up was something that was a chore with the kids, but I see that I am back into the swing of things and loving that flirty vintage look, and my husband's look too. :) You look great!

Jaedan's Mom said...

I wish I had the patience to look through all of those racks! I tend to save and buy one or two things on sale a season. I really could use a wardrobe makeover though. You may have sparked a new outlook for me. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

BTW You do look really good. And at these prices you can't afford not to shop!!!

New Mom said...

Katheryn- you always look gorgeous when I see you!

Saretta- you have such cute clothes already. I don't like looking through the racks either so I basically scan a rack and if something peaks my interest, I'll pull it off the rack. I don't go through every peice. And this Goodwill was set up really well, they had Ladies Small Sleeveless, Ladies small short sleeves, ladies size whatever pants {they even had zeros for you!} and then everything was in order by color as well. All the black sleeveless size smalls together etc. So that made it MUCH easier. Plus everything was half off!