Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Betty Baxter Story

This is a repost just in case some of you didn't see/get to listen to it the first time--

Have you ever heard this story? It is AMAZING. I heard it in college and I'll never forget it. It starts off kind of slow but hear her out, after about 10 minutes it begins to get really GOOD. Grandma Ginny, that means you too!

Part 1: Make sure you have Windows Media Player {if it doesn't work, or you don't have Windows Media Player let me know}

Part 2:http://www.neoparadigm.org/audio/teaching/Baxter2.mp3

Just in case the above doesn't work, just look under the title Betty Baxter here: http://www.neoparadigm.org/audio.htm

The Newspaper Reports from Betty's hometown: http://www.geocities.com/bettybaxterstory/index2.html

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts about this, for better or for worse :}


Jaedan's Mom said...

I have been trying to listen to this story since you first posted it but haven't been able to connect. I googled it and found it in written form.

What an amazing and inspiring testimony! It is proof that miracles still happen and when you believe he will be faithful. Her story makes my problems seem so small. I wonder if I would be able to endure years of suffering and if I would continue to have faith and strength the way she did?

Do you know what her dad's reaction was?

Thank you for sharing this testimony. What a great blessing for me today!

Anonymous said...

The Betty Baxter Testimony can now be viewed on You Tube.

Search oases85 for the original recording, Jan. 23d 1985 (by way of Sony BetaMax)

My water mark is at the bottom of the screen now because of file copying going on but go to my channel oases85 for high quality video.

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