Sunday, August 10, 2008

Had Your Cup of Coffey Today?

Part of me wanted to go to Sunday After Dark tonight, but the other part didn't. This guy, Coffey, was going to be there-- giving his testimony and performing. He was one of the final three contestants on the show Nashville Star. He didn't win, but he got an even better offer from some ?record company? Anyway, he is a member of our church's Dream Center in L.A. I really liked what I saw of him, so I wanted to attend church tonight, but it is so hard to go to church in the a.m., then eat dinner, clean up, pack lunches and toys for work tomorrow, get ready, and go back to church again at 7. The hardest part being that I know in the back of my mind I have to get up at 5:30am for work the next day, work ten hours, come home and cook, clean the kitchen, bathe Elon, and put him to bed. Just the knowledge that this will be my day tomorrow tends to exhaust me. Never-the-less I am so blessed to have a job! I am not struggling financially like so many other Americans right now and I give God the glory for that.

I usually do attend church on Sunday nights, I think I've only missed two or three services since moving here. I am curious, do any of you find it difficult to get motivated to go on Sunday nights? What do you do to make it easier and do you still go?

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Davene said...

We don't have a Sunday evening service, so that's not an issue for us right now. But I know exactly what you mean about just the thought of a full day coming can be hard.