Monday, August 18, 2008

More Nanny Drama...

Those of you keeping up with my nanny career know that it's had it's ups and downs. When I finished my last day with Allison, she assured me that she would give me a recommendation with glowing reviews if I wanted. I just wanted to get out of there, and as quickly as possible. She invited me to Andy's birthday party and asked if we could get together for a play date. She then called the director of the agency that I work for, Cindy, and told her about how wonderful I was as a nanny. This all happened on Thursday.

Today, I received a call from Cindy. She started off the conversation with, "I just got a call from Allison, and if this really happened it is NOT good. Not good at all, and I don't know what we are going to do." My stomach dropped. What had I done? Every possible thing passed through my mind, including the time that Nathan stopped by to bring me my forgotten lunch. She proceeds,

"Allison thinks you took the kids somewhere without her permission and she is pretty upset about it. The neighbor came to Allison's garage sale and told her that she saw you outside with the kids. She thought she saw you strapping Elon into the carseat. She never saw Andrew in the car, and she said she never saw you actually leave, but they think you took the kids with no carseat on an outing."

Now mind you, I had just gotten into a big debate with Allison about my contract which states that I would be permitted to drive Andy after my three month trial period. After my three month trial ended, I asked Allison if I could drive Andy and she said no. That's when it all came out about her really not liking the fact that I bring Elon with me to work-- which led to our mutual agreement that she should find someone else.

Now is it just me, or does this not make one lick of sense. I get into an argument over being granted permission to drive Andrew, yet all along I've been driving him without permission-- and no car seat. Not to mention all the holes in the neighbor's story. She never saw Andy in the car, never saw me leave or return... hmmm does that sound like a story to call the Director of the agency I work for with? Could she not have just asked me, especially since the story was so full of holes? Not to mention I had already called Cindy once before regarding Allison's peculiarity about Andrew. I was afraid that if he got a bump on the knee, she'd sue me. Cindy wasn't able to relieve my fears because unfortunately, there is no protection for a nanny. Why, oh, why would I risk driving around a 5 month old who can't even sit up with no carseat and without permission! I was hurt and angry that Allison would be ready to accept her barely known neighbor's story. I've always been very honest with her, and kept a log of our activities. I realize now that there was very little trust involved on her part. She told Cindy that she wouldn't be getting another nanny right away, that she will have a problem with all of them. And you know what, I think she's right!

I am so thankful that God got me out of that situation before Allison accused me of something worse than driving her kid around! My mom was right, it's dangerous to be a nanny these days.

For the record, here is my last day's log for Andy and I:

bottle, diaper
walk around neighborhood
storytime {5 books}
identify animals
crawling excercises
bottle, diaper
quality time {my alone time with Andy while Elon sleeps}
tummy time
music {singing and clapping}
bottle, diaper
identify parts of the body
nursery rhymes
identify colors

Notice that "drive Andy around while he slumps over, head bobbing" isn't one of them!


Jaedan's Mom said...

God really did have a hand in getting you out of there before all of this came to pass. I can see how a mom can be afraid and a little on edge with a new nanny, but if she didn't trust you as much as it seems, you think she would've said something sooner.

In my opinion parting ways when and how you did was a great big blessing!!

Judith and Lance said...

Okay, this is just the craziest thing I've ever heard... EVER!! I'm glad you got out of there too, God was watching out for you. And, did this woman actually expect for you to neglect YOUR OWN child and care for her little King of the World... UGH is all I can say to that.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you've had so much trouble. The last line on this post made me laugh out loud. I'll be praying for you!!

New Mom said...

Hey Judith! Glad to see a comment from you. Yes, this is a VERY crazy lady. Micro-manager. The director of the agency called me today to tell me that Allison was "very relieved" to find out that she hadn't been "that wrong" about my character. I think Allison jumps to conclusions; she should've recongnized the flawed logic and the ambiguity of the neighbor's story. I keep telling myself... "I'm not in NC anymore, I'm not in NC anymore." Living in the big city with a bunch of yuppies sure is different. In NC we would've been happy just to have childcare where the nanny didn't beat the tar out of our youngins!

Melissa-- so good to hear from you! I know you think I'm always having job problems. I really am a "good person" and a hard worker. You can ask Jaedan's mom--she used to be my boss! I've NEVER had any complaints from a boss until I moved to Phoenix. In fact, I've been rehired twice by employers who wouldn't let me quit! Sometimes I wonder if Satan is just trying to get me discouraged. Being fired is one of the most humiliating things I've ever experienced. A least this time it was a mutual decision so I felt a little better. I promise I am not a drama queen!

Saretta and Judith-- I am SO glad to be outta there. The owner of the nanny agency told me that she was actually scared of Allison and that she would warn any future nanny about the way she is. She is the type that causes trouble. Can you imagine if Andy would've fallen down and bumped his head. I'd have been sued for negligence!

Davene said...

Woah, that is terrible! Like the others have said, I, too, am so glad that you're not in that situation any longer. God really did protect you. It's kind of mind-boggling for me to comprehend those kinds of actions.