Monday, August 4, 2008

What I Wore Sunday...

Sunday AM: Ignore my hair please. I woke up late.
Shirt, Ross $5
Skirt, Gap via yardsale $1
Lacey Peach Tank {hard to see}, Kohl's $ can't remember

Total: Not sure but still $6 isn't bad for a shirt and skirt.

Sunday PM: My mom would keel over if she knew I wore SHORTS to church! But hey, it's AZ and 113 degrees out there!

Shirt- Wet Seal via Goodwill $1.50
Shorts- Express via Goodwill $2.00 {I think these were brand new!}
Shoes- Yardsale, $1

Total: $4.50 ain't too shabby!

I used to NEVER buy used shoes. After passing up so many bargain shoes that look practically new, I decided to just disinfect them. I HOPE that kills all the germs!


Jaedan's Mom said...

What great outfits for so reasonable! Most clothes I pay so little for fit really weird or are an impulse buy I can't make work. I need to work on that!!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I am loving seeing all these deals and cute outfits! I wish we had some good bargains like that out here, but mostly it looks like people cleaned out the moms closets, and took everything to Goodwill, where they overprice it, and never have the good stuff tagged with whatever color tag is on sale for the week.
Your P.R. menu is making me hungry. Really hungry. How about overnighting me some leftovers? ;0>

Katheryn said...

Those are cute. And yes, shorts at church is okay, as long as they aren't showing too much. :)
By the way I love the house, seeing all that antique furniture and such. Love the wood floors too, I really miss those. :)

His Tender Mercies said...

I know how you can save even more money...just wear a brown paper bag cuz I think you would look good in just about anything lol! Your beautiful!

Those are great deals! I've found some pretty good deals at thrift shops as well. I love thrift shopping.

New Mom said...

My Goodwill is like that too, so I rarely visited-- a waste of time. But this Goodwill must be where the rich folks go because the majority of their clothes are either new or look new and are Anne Taylor, Gap, Express, Liz Claiborne, etc. What a find!

Jaedan's mom, I'm sure it would be hard to find good deals on clothing in your size. You'll probably never be able to find them as easily since you're so tiny. But maybe you could find some things for Jaedan.

Katheryn, I'll probably do some posts on my house next since I recently redecorated a little. I sometimes don't like to do these posts because nothing is ever "just right" so it takes me forever to get the picture I want. Plus, with renting I can't paint and I don't like the way my shabby chic furniture looks with the wall color. S.C. furniture really needs to go with pale walls or it looks... shabby.

His Tender Mercies... when I first saw the part about the bag, I thought "uh-oh my first mean post--I knew it would happen eventually." I should've known by your blog name that it wouldn't be a mean comment! Thank you for the compliment and it was fun visiting your blog too!

Elizabeth said...

I love the shirt and short Himilce! And PLEASE do not get rid of that shirt! You look gorgeous in it! Btw I love your updated picture! :)

We had so much fun with Elon the other day! Thanks for letting him stay even though your appointment got dropped.