Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Good Thing...

Last night I found the coolest thing. I decided to try out some new recipes this month so I went to AllRecipes to take a look. After I registered, I found that you can simply find a recipe, then if you like it, click on "add recipe to recipe box" which automatically saves it to your account.

You can also click "add recipe to shopping list" and it will add all of the ingredients to a shopping list that it saves for you. You can designate a "pantry list," items that you usually buy every time you shop-- it will update these to your grocery list as well. You can also add and save notes to the recipe.

After you are finished importing ingredients from your recipes, you can add your own items by checking the boxes Allrecipes provides. It lists items by category {which helps speed up shopping}, and you can even put in the quantity. I was able to check diapers, shampoo, wipes, and lots of other things. It also has a custom item category for the non-typical grocery store items you may want to add. It was really neat not to have to waste time transplanting the recipe ingredients to my shopping list. Oh and another really smart thing, it also allows you to check items off your final shopping list of things that you already have that a recipe calls for-- salt, pepper, onions, whatever.

It took me a while to do all of this, but now I have a shopping list for all of my recipes saved so that I can duplicate meal plans quickly and easily.

At the bottom of the website, you will see a link to Taste of Home. I haven't gotten to explore that website as fully but it looked like it has the same capabilities; so if you like Taste of Home Recipes {like Mrs. Bonnie}, then hop over and give it a try! As Martha would say... "It's a Good Thing."


Jaedan's Mom said...

This sounds like a great site. I'll have to check it out once I get Jaedan fully potty trained.

Thanks for the tip!

Lisa said...

I love that site! I've actually used it for years. The reviews are so helpful too!!