Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthdays, Babies, and Beaded Bling...

MOPS was really fun yesterday. It was a smaller group, which I prefer infinitely more than a huge one. It was easy to talk with other ladies and be recognized and introduced as "the new girl" to whom they were all extremely friendly. One really sweet thing that this MOPS group offers is a giveaway table. Ladies bring their unwanted kids or maternity items and place them on a table in the back. Any mom is free to come and get what they want. You don't even have to give something to be able to get something. I thought that it was a neat idea. I'm sure I'll go back to the next MOPS session. Oh, and we made these adorable little aprons for the kids. I can't wait to get a picture of Elon in his so that I can post it.

I had another ultrasound today. The baby is developing but the blood clot is still present and still the same size-- no growth but no shrinkage either. I will take this pregnancy by faith one day at a time.

Meanwhile, today is my 28th birthday and I received many lovely homemade presents. My MIL made me several pretty brown and copper beaded necklaces, along with a jar of homemade wild plum jam {which was delicious, in case you are wondering}, and she also gave me a fancy brown beaded clutch. My grandmother-in-law heard about the loss of my favorite red necklace and designed me a new one, two actually, with red beads, hints of yellow, and gorgeous black pearls {although I don't know the official name of any of the stones!} I have worn all of my jewelry already and hope to have Nathan take some pictures of my in-laws handiwork soon.

Elon and I are a bit under the weather, but we awoke to a nice surprise-- Nathan went into school a little late and surprised me with breakfast in bed! Beef sausage, turkey bacon, eggs, grits, english muffins {topped with the above-mentioned jam}, coffee and juice completed the repast. I always wake up hungrier than a bear so I made good progress on the meal and declared it a delicious surprise! What a good and thoughtful husband I have!
Side Note: I cannot believe that for 28 years I have been spelling the word "surprise" wrong-- I didn't realize there were two "r's." Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


Mrs. Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear New Mom
Happy Birthday to You!

Breakfast in bed, wow!
Glad you had a nice time at MOPS, and got fun brthday jewlry to boot.
Praying for baby, and you, is the clot something that will be less of a threat once you're out of the first trimester?

Arlene said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad your new year is off to a great start! :o)

Judith and Lance said...

Happy 28th, Himilce, you are SO young. I'm an older 29 :). My parents are back in the states, just moved back last month and are doing foreign missions work still but will be US based. My dad is going to travel to different missionaries to help them w/ projects and raise funds, etc. The ministry is called Strategic Mission Resources.

annacoumos said...

Happy Birthday New Mom!!! Glad you had a nice day. I will be praying for you and baby. Blessings!!

Jaedan's Mom said...

Happy late birthday!!

Sorry I've been so out of the loop. I'm in California, you know how out of touch you get when visiting.

Hope you and Elon feel better!


Jaedan's Mom said...

I just caught up on your blog. What a sweet little niece you have! I am praying for you and your baby. God holds you both in the palm of his hand.

Thank you for the poem. It is true that he sees a much larger and grander picture than we. We only see the hear and now but he knows our future.

Wish we could visit over lunch or coffee! I guess this is okay to.