Friday, October 10, 2008

Update On The Baby...

Well, I saw the doctor again on Wednesday and I found out why I am having the cramps/bleeding. I think the cramps were due to a cyst, and the bleeding stems from a hematoma in my uterus. I am told that these clots are quite common; that for many women the blood just absorbs into the uterus. The hematoma increases my risk of miscarriage, though, and I will be getting another ultrasound next week to see if it is getting smaller. Meanwhile, I am not supposed to do anything that may jar the clot and cause bleeding which would result in miscarriage-- not exactly easy with a toddler.

I bled with Elon, and one night felt certain I was going to lose him. I pled with God all night in that bathroom that Elon would live. Thank God He hears us even from the bathroom-- if not for that, my mom's prayers would never be answered {it's where she does most of her praying!} Of course, I bled with the last pregnancy and that ended in miscarriage but I believe that I will carry this baby to term. I saw his/her little heartbeat and I am not giving up!


Davene said...

Thanks for posting an update! I was wondering how things were going with that.

I agree that the bathroom is a great place to pour your heart out to God. In times of deepest distress (like the night of Josiah's near-drowning), I find myself crouched on the floor of the bathroom because I can find the most privacy there and let it all out before the Lord. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

I will keep praying for all of you and for that little one to grow and thrive. How wonderful that you saw the heartbeat!!! How many weeks along are you?

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Prayers here to for baby and you, Keep us posted!
Your new little niece is a doll!

New Mom said...

Hi Davene, I am almost 7 weeks. Thanks for your prayers, Mrs. Bonnie too.

Judith and Lance said...

So glad that you are okay, I know it must be so heartbreaking to wonder day by day if your little one is going to make it. God has some unusual ways of building faith and trust in Him at times, doesn't He? My prayers are with you too.

Peggy said...

Hello from NY!

In searching for a little song my mom used as a lullaby for me when I was little, George Cooper's "October's Party", I found your blog!

How refreshing to find a Christian woman and links to her believing friends, as well! (not to mention one of my favorite songs of my childhood!)

Your site is lovely, your neice is beautiful and though I don't know you, personally, I feel led to pray for you and your family as you wait these next months for the delivery of your baby.

My own blog is just a simple one to help friends and family stay in touch. Perhaps it will grow into something beautiful some day but for now, it's kind of like a gift wrapped in tissue paper as opposed to one wrapped in sparkley paper with ribbons and stickers!

One of my blogging friends is in the process of fostering a child with plans of adoption. I think she would be very encouraged by your blog. Her's is private for now, because of some unkind remarks from members of their church, of all things ...

I hope that when she sees your blog, she will contact you herself and the two of you may become long distance blogging friends!

In the meantime, let's thank the Lord for his mercy and grace; for our salvation through the shed blood of Jesus and the interesting ways he brings His family together! May God grant you strength, good health and more wisdom for your journey.


PS .. I've prayed in my bathroom many times and I have a friend who keeps a Bible in her's for reading material :-)

New Mom said...

Judith, it is difficult, but I've just kindof decided that this baby will live. Does that make sense?

Peggy, thanks for stopping by and for the very kind compliments and for your prayers. It is fun to discover a new blog that you enjoy written by like minded believers. BTW, I have some friends who are currently foster-adopting and they have recieved quite a bit of ridicule and criticism from family, church and even strangers. The nerve of some people-- they won't commit to foster care, but they sure don't mind picking apart those that do! I love to see true Christians doing foster care, it does my heart good to know that these vulnerable children are being taught about the Lord. Tell your friend to keep up the good work!