Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Back...

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers for my family and I. The funeral went well. It was sad but encouraging because we know we'll see my grandpa again and because now he is at peace with Jesus. I picture him up in heaven eating all the food he missed out on this last year! I was happy to be able to speak at the funeral, and share with everyone about my special grandpa.

Now I am back at home and life continues to go on-- with or without me. I really need to get to work on this house and do so errands but I am so drained! The past couple of days have been a whirlwind! I left at 7:00am on Friday, got in at 1:00am on Saturday, went to bed at 4:00am and then got up and went to the funeral. We got back from the funeral Saturday and I helped get the food ready for the 50 family members who would gather at our house after the burial. If you have never been to a true Southern funeral it is quite a sight to behold. If the deceased is a Christian, it's almost like a social event. Tons of fried chicken and sweet tea, children running around, and folks laughing-- and at our house, there is always singing too. I went to bed at 11:00pm to the sound of voices accompanied by a guitar. Then yesterday I got up at 3am to fly back. I came home from the airport, slept two hours and then went straight to the Christmas Drama.

We have performances now until the 15-- every night and on Saturdays and Sundays twice! That's a lot of performances! Elon and I checked out the tiger, zebra, camels, llamas and donkeys used in the drama. I was ok with our close proximity until the tiger started getting agitated! We left at that point, Elon growling at the tiger as I dragged him away. While I should be taking care of business and nursing Elon back to health {he has a cold}, I'm sitting in my pajamas, catching up on blogs!

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Mansell said...

hey cuz, it was good seeing you last week. really liked what you read at the funeral. hey do you have the recipe for sweet potato bread?