Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Rant On Chips Ahoy Cookies...

Ok, procrastinator that I am, I stayed up until 12:30am the night before the cookie exchange making my jam thumbprints. Next morning, I put on a cute dress and leggings and get Elon looking his cutest. Even though he and I are getting over colds, I brave the rain thinking to myself, "It will be so nice to have a variety of cookies for my Christmas party without having to be responsible for baking them." I get to the party, Elon starts to play and I set out my cookies-- excitedly looking over the selection... you can probably see where this is heading.

I wonder to myself, "Did someone actually bring Chips Ahoy Cookies to exchange for homemade ones?" I'll admit, I was a little disappointed. One lady said she made the simplest fudge she could, something you microwave in a container and mix with nuts. Speaking of her sugar coated won ton noodles, a lady happily confessed that her husband had made them, and another brazenly took off the packages of her Chips Ahoy to spread amongst us.

Honestly, I know that they are busy moms. And simple recipes really don't bother me, nor do helpful husbands, or the fact that I actually ate the Chips Ahoy cookies first. What does bother me is that sometimes it seems like I'm one of the few who is actually trying to put out an effort in what I deem "womanly pursuits." Like dressing a little more special for a MOPS party, or trying to make the tastiest cookies that I can. Does that make any sense? I realize that I'm from the South where things are done a little differently and I am often overdressed. I realize too that these women excel in many other womanly areas-- such as mothering, charity work, giving, and that they are kind Christian women. I like and respect the Chips Ahoy lady, but when she pulled out those cookies that she had put absolutely no effort in, it really felt like she didn't respect me-- or the couple of other women that made handmade cookies.

Maybe it's just pregnancy hormones, but that just really struck a nerve.

If you are a party-going, sweat-pants wearin', ponytail bearin' mom, please don't be offended. I realize not everyone likes to dress up and wear makeup and that's ok-- just don't ever bring Chips Ahoy to a cookie exchange at my house ;p


Arlene said...

I completely agree with you (and I'm not pregnant... well, not as far as I know, lol).

In my opinion, no apologies are necessary (at least on your part... perhaps some could be offered on the part of the others).

Oh, and I tend to be overdressed in many situations, too. (I'm not southern, though) I think it just has to do with manners and, as you mentioned, respect -- for others and for yourself. I believe our society has become far too relaxed and, frankly, slovenly.

We went to a very elegant wedding this summer, and I saw MORE THAN ONE person in shorts and t-shirts! One guy in the t-shirt was going around making jokes that what he was wearing was appropriate because it had a necktie decal on front of it. Seriously? At a wedding? Ugh!

Katheryn said...

I completely agree as well. I have been to those kinds and completely disappointed. I went this year to our cookie exchange and out of 12 ladies making cookies, only 2 of them were soft and delicious, the others were hard and not tasty. Really disappointing as I made home made deliciousness. So I completely agree, and goodness sake, would she take those out for her guests, probably not.

I would love to wish you a Merry Christmas on the phone but lost your number, any chance of a call?

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I agree, too, but mine might be nursing hormones;0P But I also tend to feed people as a sign of my like/love etc. for them. (I think it's my Greek roots. Just watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding, though I only have enough Greek blood in me to fill my big toe.)
Hoo, got a little side tracked there. Anyway, I always like seeing people "overdressed", I think its a sign of respect for those you are meeting with, that you care enough to look your best.
So even though I wasn't there, I appriciate(sp?) your effort, and your fantabulous looking cookies.

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Um, the feeding people part had to do with home cooking. I just re-read my comment, realized it made NO sense, and thought I'd better clarify.

Thumperdd said...

It's so true that people are becoming more and more casual and everyone seems to have an excuse for everything. I have several friends that never cook at home because they're "too busy" but everytime we talk they tell me about what happened on TV shows that they watch daily. That's time well spent....

I think we all lose sight of the important things from time to time. Maybe you could share some recipes with her. Maybe she can't bake or perhaps she forgot but wanted to be sure to join in somehow. (I'm trying to put a Pollyanna spin on it here...)

When we have pot luck dinners at church I've noticed more and more people bringing buckets of chicken and such. I guess it's better than bringing nothing at all and trying to take home leftovers!!!

Chin up! I bet everyone enjoyed your cookies because they were made by you, with love!

In Christ,