Sunday, December 14, 2008

Star Of Wonder

Ten straight Christmas perfomances have got me beat. Looking forward to tonight's last Star of Wonder production. Not sure I'll be doing this again next year-- it sure is a big commitment!

Meanwhile, I have been making these:

as a small gift for my MOPS table group leader. So easy and with ingredients I have at home. Now I need to begin baking my 4 dozen cookies for tomorrow's cookie exchange. I hope to take a couple of photos and post a recipe tomorrow.


Katheryn said...

Okay, love that idea, care you to share the recipe of dry ingredients, I need some last minute gift ideas. :) Thanks so much. Mom said the production was absolutely beautiful, wish we could have seen it.

New Mom said...

Katheryn, I'll be back at about 1 and I'll post the ingredients then.