Sunday, January 18, 2009

What To Wear When Expecting?


This was supposed to be an Victorian-equestrian look but the jeans are all wrong-- fit and color wise. I knew it could be better with some darker denim or brown pants this morning. So I'm frantically searching through my closet for my dark brown trousers when I realize-- I outgrew those things two months ago. Hence, the light colored denim. Clinton and Stacey would have my head for this fashion faux pas.
And here with a blazer-- still wrong; I'm all washed out in these colors and the length of the shirt combined with the worn out jeans just isn't doing anything for my shape. Oh well, I'll try it again when I have some better pants options. At least my necklace is pretty!
Shirt: Motherhood via Rag Bag-- free!
Blazer: Yikes, too old to remember!
Jeans: Calving Klein via Yardsale-- $2
Boots: Target-- $22
Total Without Blazer: $24


Davene said...

Oh, dear. You are truly your own worst critic. I think you look great!!!

By the way, I couldn't get the link in your last post to work so I could check out that blog you found.

New Mom said...

Hi Davene, thanks for the heads-up about the link. I fixed it. I went back and qualified my statement about the blog being pure gold. I think that it is, if you are into diy decorating-- as that is what the blog centers around. As an hgtv-aholic, I couldn't get enough of this particular blog.

lizzy said...

Himilce Davene is so right! You are your worst critic :P

I think you look so pretty! I love this outfit. No matter how many times I tell you so, you still don't agree with me! I think if I took a poll about something I liked on you and you didn't I would always win!!! :)