Monday, June 29, 2009

Wearing A Wrap

I've been unable to post due to a nasty computer virus. Hopefully, my neighbor can fix the problem-- I miss my computer! California Pizza Kitchen was such a nice treat for Elon. He got to make his own pizza and watch it bake in the wood-fired brick oven. He also got to take a tour of the kitchen-- all for free! Afterwards, we joined the other moms at the splash pad and let the kids wear themselves out while we relaxed in the shade. When it became too hot, we left the splash pad to go pick up a baby wrap from a friend. 

I love the variety of ways you can wear your baby with the wrap; unfortunately, Asher does not. Boy did he wail when I put him in that wrap! Wearing the wrap made me look Persian-- it was almost like an accessory. Since Asher doesn't like the wrap, my friend is going to let me borrow her Baby Bjorn carrier instead. Hopefully, he'll like that one since pushing the double stroller gets on my nerves!

Wraps can be quite expensive to buy, so I've included this link so that you can make your own. (This is for you, Marie)!  Now can take your new wrap and visit You Tube to find all sorts of videos on how to wear your baby.


Elizabeth said...

What a great idea! Maybe we should have Marie make us all one? :)

Bonnie said...

Hmm. I wonder why Cute Baby didn't like it. A friend of mine just made one and she loves it. I just have a cheap front carrier, but I love it for shopping.
I am glad you had a good time on your field trip, and that it sounds like Elon had a good time too!