Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday's Dinner and Saturday's Event...

Turned out a success! I would however, tweak the salad dressing recipe to add more sugar, ginger and salt. Grilled fruit over ice cream is divine-- especially bananas! So Friday was the dinner and then on Saturday, we went to a co-worker's house to watch Ultimate Fighting 100 on pay-per-view. The fight was entertaining, I love Georges St. Pierre.

He is such a calm gentlemanly fighter-- if that's possible when you are beating your opponent's brains out. The guys at the gathering outnumbered the girls and it was interesting to view a bunch of unsaved young men. Ummm... let's just say there was a lot of cursing involved and quite a few beers. Kind of strange when you are used to being surrounded by Christians... kind of sad too. Asher came with me and I really wanted to cover his eyes and ears... luckily no one got drunk! We left before the karaoke got underway. After watching several of these videos, I have no desire to sing any type of secular music. If you have a few minutes, go check them out. They are scary at first, I even skipped the beginning of the scene around the table, but then the videos mellow out and cover each decade from the fifties on and are very informative. Well, better get off and get a nap while both kids are still sleeping!

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