Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harvest Party Cupcakes...

Yesterday we went to a Harvest Party at a friend from MOPS house. Her home is a gorgeous 4100 square foot spread, with a lush backyard, playroom, bounce house, fort, and view of the golf course. {And can I just mention that it is PAID FOR!} Anyway, to the point, the kids had lots of fun playing and crafting. Elon and I brought cupcakes and toppings for the kids to decorate like this:

Thanks to for the photo!

Because I didn't have large marshmallows, the kids could choose between mini-marshmallows, sixlets {remeber those? love em!}, after-dinner mints, or raisins for eyes. The hair is chocolate sprinkles and the legs are pull n' peel twizzlers {black pull n' peels are even cuter but I couldn't find em'}

These came out really cute! Most of the kids actually chose to do mini-muffins which are super-cute as well. Give this recipe a try, it's easy and the boys just love making "bugs."

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Elizabeth said...

You keep posting all these delicious things! ;)

I am sure the boys LOVED making these! They are really cool!