Tuesday, May 4, 2010


That's the sound of my body lowering itself onto the couch.  Today's workout was INTENSE-- sprints, high-knees, lunges, step-ups, bear-crawls!!!  It was a sort of punishment for being late and I  think it worked-- I'll be on time tomorrow or I'll be faking sick!  Already my biceps and triceps are beginning to show and my stomach has flattened-- a little.  It seems that my abdominal muscles have been the hardest to improve.  Not sure if it's b/c of my pregnancy with Asher or what but those crunches are CHALLENGING!

My little Asher is teething again and getting his incisors which is so funny because he only has three teeth on the bottom-- cute!  Ash is always so content that I don't know what to do whenever he cries like a "normal" baby.  What a day we had yesterday!  Asher was grou-chy but at least the "Queen" didn't grace us with any tantrums.  That is something for which to truly be thankful!

An incident involving my neighbor and the Queen Bee's tantrums left me seriously asking myself if I was doing the right thing by fostering.  It was quite a scare for me and involved sending in an incident report to the case worker, adoption specialist, and crisis intervention specialist.  It is at the point where we have had to contact the crisis intervention specialist twice and we've only had their phone number for 4 days!  And this for intervention with a 5 year old!  Certainly a humbling experience.  Hmmm, more on this topic tomorrow as I need to stop blogging and take a nap while the gettin' is good!

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