Saturday, January 15, 2011

From the Bathroom...

Elon:  Mama, do you smell my poops in der?

Me (spoken from the living room): No Elon.

Elon:  Yes you do! It smells awwwful!

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*I'll continue my posts on how we manage our income on Monday.

**Thanks to Baby Blues for this comic; my favorite comic strip (besides Calvin of course!)


Judith and Lance said...

YAY, another post from MILK!! I'm hoping this means your back b/c I've honestly missed your keen insight and funny take on so many things!

PS At least Elon didn't tell you to smell his hand after putting it somewhere (not that that's ever happened to me or anything...)

Elizabeth said...

Lol out what Judith said :P And I feel the same, I'm so glad your back! Your writing is so picture perfect especially today lol! I can't wait to see Elon and Asher! And for you to meet Winston :( We'll see what happens this year!