Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elon's Campaign Speech...

...Mom, if I can't be the President when I grow up, I'm not gonna work in the sewer.  I WILL NOT do it!

*Well that's a relief*


Arlene said...

Well, he's got grit and determination, that's for sure! ;)

P.S. I posted the rest of my birth story. :o)

Pam said...

Oh my goodness, this is too cute and what a crack up he is... and so handsome. I can't believe how big he is getting. If you have any of the new pictures made up into "real" pictures; would you make some for us... I must have them. They are great!!

Love you,

Pam said...

I just showed this to Steve "Cowboy Grampa"... and he said that there is no reason Elon can't be President...(and I have other comments on this subject which I won't write on your blog hehe). Also, as a side note, I think the "I won't work in the sewer" part of Elon's speech is probably hereditary, since I have been hearing Steve say things to that effect for 33 years now.. it usually begins with "I hate plumbing...."
I am enjoying the pic again this morning. Miss you all so much. Love you

Anna said...

Hi New Mom! I am working on writing a book about my time in Mozambique, and was rereading my blog posts for material for the book. Anyway, I started reading through the comments and you commented so many times! I have to tell you, that meant a lot to me while I was over there. You were an encouragement to me more than you will know! Thanks for always taking the time to read what I wrote, and to let me know you did. I will try and let you know whenever the book is published (Lord willing, sometime this year!), if you are interested. Anyway, I just wanted to to say thank you. God bless you and your sweet family! Love, Anna Coumos ( )