Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day

After visiting our out of town in-laws for all of Saturday and Sunday, we decided to celebrate Memorial Day quietly at home, just the three of us. After a very simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, potatoes and sausage, lemon poppy seed muffins and juice, we were ready to head over to the park for a few minutes.

We spent maybe 30 minutes at the park and then headed to the pond.

Elon loves nature.

I love feeding the ducks!

Isn't God's creation so beautiful?


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Yum! Breakfast looks good! I love the 2 little baby hands peeking at the top of the first picture, and that excited little grin at the park!

Davene said...

Looks like a great day! I love the picture of Elon's hair sticking up wildly when he's swinging. :)