Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Morning

Good Morning!

It's so nice when you wake up feeling refreshed and energized! Today I am trying out a new schedule with the children that I babysit. I am hoping that this adds some interest for the kids and helps me to get more accomplished and not feel like everything is so hectic.

Watched cartoons, ate breakfast, cleaned up kitchen (5 year old empties silverware basket, 3 year old entertains Elon while we clean) 8:00-8:45

Got dressed, brushed teeth, etc. 8:45-9:00

Read from the Children's Bible and Prayed 9:00-9:25

Played outside 9:25-10:15

Snack Outside (no worries about crumbs!) 10:15-10:25

And I was able to read a Psalm, short prayer time, shower, dress, blowdry hair, clean both sinks and toilets, wash one load of clothes, empty and reload dishes, sweep kitchen and bathrooms, blog and it's only 10:25!

Usually, I don't start the day off with a quiet time with God. I tend to sleep until the last minute! But I am realizing what a difference taking time with God without interruptions first thing in the morning makes in my attitude and in getting more accomplished!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

Wow, you certainly did get alot done! The day does go smoother when you start out with quiet time. We do ours together in the evening,and its also a great way to close your day.

Melissa said...

Things do seem to run more smoothly if I have my time with the Lord first thing in the morning. However, like you (I'm sure we'd make great friends in real-life, hehe), I sleep-in until the last minute, and thereafter!

I really want to get up early, but it's so hard. Getting in the Word is always best in the morning before interruptions. I hope that you are able to get past the hump I've found myself in and start the day off right!

New Mom said...

It is sooo hard. But it is worth it. It's really hard to pull myself outta bed especially since Elon is still waking me up for his middle of the night and 6:00am feedings. So far, on Mon-Wed. I've done well with getting up early. These are the days that I babysit and so it's not hard to get up 10-15 minutes earlier to read a Psalm and do a quick prayer. On Thurs-Sunday I'm laying in bed praying alright... praying that Elon will sleep "just five more minutes!" I have no excuse, 10 minutes is no big deal... I guess I just really need to work on my self-discipline.