Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Wadrobe Part 1

Outfit 1

Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet- $10

Shoes: Yard Sale- $1.50

Outfit 2

Dress: Gap Outlet- $10

Espadrilles: Steve and Barry's- $9.98

Outfit 3

Dress: Gap Outlet- $10

Shoes: Yard Sale- $1.50

(Yard Sale shoes bought from a friend and thoroughly disinfected!)

Three new outfits and three pairs of shoes for less than $45! And I can wear all of them to church or around the house!


Davene said...

What great pics! You look like a model!!! And your hubby, or whoever takes your picture, does a great job, too.

Enjoy your new outfits!

New Mom said...


My husband does take the pictures. Lately he's been talking a lot about a Canon Rebel. He says he can't take good photos with our Kodak point and shoot. I think Anna over at PV Schoolhouse using something like that and as you can see, it really makes the light look beautiful. I would love to have a Rebel, but we'd have to go into debt to get one :( I don't think I want one that much!