Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sideboard and Dresser-- Stage 1

CAUTION: Ladies, do not read this post and be inspired to head outside with that old table you've been thinking about refinishing unless you are ready to commit to a BIG task. Certainly doable, but not exactly easy...

Yardsale drawer before:

Stage 1: Stripping and Sanding-- completed!

I thought that my stripper was really going to take off all of that old paint... ummm, not so much. I ended up having to sand most of it off. This was probably the most difficult step.

Tommorrow (I hope) will be Stage 2: Vacuuming and Wiping Down-- Wish me luck!


Mrs. Bonnie said...

Good Luck;0}

Davene said...

I have never refinished furniture because of the thought of such a long and hard project. So I'm inspired by your hard work and optimism! Hope it goes well! :)