Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stage 2: Incomplete

Time seemed to get away from me today. Met my husband's grandmother for lunch and didn't seem to get much else accomplished. But I WILL complete stage 2 tomorrow during Elon's nap time (God willing, of course). I can't wait to get these two dressers finished! Instead of the usual half-job I do on painting furniture, I decided to take my time and actually do it right this time. I am using the steps from Romantic Home. I love the way Cindy's dresser turned out and am hoping for similar results.

Tomorrow I will list all the steps to refinishing the dresser and update my blog with my progress. Got to hurry up and get this dresser done before I lose motivation! You know how it is... you start something gung ho, then it takes longer than you imagined, pretty soon you lose interest, next thing you know, it's taking up space in the garage instead of your car. Discipline I tell ya! I need more discipline!


Davene said...

I hope you're feeling very disciplined and are seeing some good progress on your project!

Just wanted you to know that I responded back to your question in the comment you left on my post "Week 21"--your question about Elon. Thought you might want to see it and might miss it if I didn't let you know. :)

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

So how goes the furniture revamp?
I was re-painting an old book shelf for Audrey's room yesterday and thought of your project, and thought I'd ask!

New Mom said...

Slow and steady. Really more just slow...
I plan on posting a picture today.