Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vintage Bridal Shower

I am assisting my Mother-in-Law in hosting a 50's housewife themed bridal shower for my Sister-in-Law, Marie, this Saturday. So far there are about 40 ladies coming, hopefully dressed in their best 50's attire! Yesterday was spent scouring thrift stores and the mall for any 50's-ish looking dresses, hats, and gloves. I've already found a dress that I could wear, an apron, and shoes. Now all I need is a hat and gloves to make my presentation complete!

My mil had a cute idea for a party game-- she found vintage cookware and will see who can name all the appliances/utensils correctly. After seeing the different tools our grandmothers had to work with, I am certainly thankful for modern conveniences!

At a yard sale a couple of months back, I found some really cute hostess sets which we will be utilizing for the deserts and tea. Thankfully, I bought all that were for sale- 30 trays and cups in all. A friend of my mil's also owns some glass hostess sets and we will be using hers as well.

For party favors, I found these really adorable mini wooden rolling pin recipe card holders online. My mil provided two recipe cards in each invitation. Ladies will bring their favorite recipes and Marie will begin her marriage with lots of yummy things to cook! (And what new bride doesn't need help in THAT area!) These rolling pins will also double as place card holders. Aren't they cute!

If anyone has any ideas for appropriate games to go with our theme please leave them in the comments box.
My husband took the camera to work today, but when he comes home I'll try to post a picture of my outfit and the hostess sets. *Chat* with you later ;)


Davene said...

Looking forward to seeing a picture of you in your outfit! :)

And the slumber party you described in your last post sounds like such fun. I've done ONE of those in the past two years since we lived here...maybe it's time for another one? But with everything else on my plate right now, I guess I'll have to wait on the slumber party...I will, however, keep it in the back of my mind for some future date!

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