Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cookie Exchange

I'm in the process of planning a cookie exchange this week. I spent all day today trying to print the invitations. (Note to self: NEVER buy an ink cartridge refill again!) If you've never been to a cookie exchange, this is what it consists of:

Each lady brings the a dozen cookies for each guest invited, plus one extra dozen to munch on during the exchange. Every lady then takes a dozen of each type of cookie home, ending up with several dozen cookies of different varieties. Some people ask guests to bring the recipe, I chose not to do this part.

I also decided to only have each lady bring 48 cookies. I didn't want anyone to feel overwhelmed and not come simply because they had to bake 120 cookies! We are also going to make a Santa Christmas Card Garland that I found in my Gooseberry Patch book. I love those books! I think we're going to have a lot of fun!

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Mrs. Bonnie said...

I was just at a cookie exchange this weekend! It was the first one I've ever been to and such fun, I think I might have to throw one next year. Take pictures!