Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Happenings...

As you can see, my progress on the closets is coming along very slowly. Can you believe I just now finally got my summer clothes all boxed up and put away!

In other news, it has taken me 3 days and countless hours to print 10 invitations. Talk about computer illiterate. I messed up on more than I got right!

I was greeted by this lovely sight when I arose this morning:

beautiful to look at, but terrible to drive in. Thankfully, I was prepared. I got groceries yesterday so I don't have to go out until 3:00 to pick up Tyler from school. This snow made some wonderful snow cream. Elon and Bella ate it up! Well, I'd better go get some work done while Elon's still napping. Goodness knows I can't get a thing done while he's awake!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Himilce, yes I will be updating my blog from now on. You got me addicted to this! =) I am having trouble with decorating my blog though. Its really hard to do anything with my page. Is it because I have an apple? Maybe you could help me? Im just starting to be satisfied with my page. But it has taken me forever to figure it out. When I used myspace, it was so easy. So I don't know! =)

P.S. The picture looks really cool!