Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Kids and I

Well, today was officially my last day of babysitting Bella and Ty. I am going to miss the little guys. I know that God gave me this job. I wasn't even looking when Mandy called me and asked if I would watch her kids. She made all the payment arrangements, and was more generous than I would have asked. I am extremely appreciative to her and to God for giving me this job whenever I needed it. Looking forward to seeing what He's gonna do next!


Lisa said...

First of all...look how pretty you are!!

Looks like it was a fun season of your life. Glad you got a photo with the kids on the last day...bittersweet I'm sure.

Elizabeth said...

You are all so sweet!!! I can't believe how big Ty is!!!! I bet everyone thought they were all your kids when you went out with them!!! =)

Your going to miss them =(

New Mom said...

Thank you Lisa :)

Yes Elizabeth, everyone thought they were my kids. I didn't even bother correcting them. I did think to myself, "hey, you're suppossed to be thinking, 'you look too young to have kids that age" hee,hee!

Elizabeth said...

Thats right!! =) When I go out with the kids I watch, people think the same; and I have the same thought as you!

Marie M said...

Himilce!! It is so sad that you are not taking care of Ty and Bella anymore. I think you were such a good Godly influence for them! I'm going to miss them. I'm sure Elon is going to miss them as well :(