Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Weeks Notice...

So I just gated Elon and Bella (the little girl I babysit) into E's room. I put the toy bin in the middle of the room and let them have at it! Hmmm... just heard a crash and now the pitter-patter of tiny running feet. They really need to make those gates child proof!

During my whole buying a house ordeal, the lady that I babysit picked up her kids with the news that I was getting my two weeks notice. There goes my fun money! I know that I'll miss the kids but I think it will be nice for it to be just me and Elon for a while. They have been with me since he was two months old! I know he'll miss them too.

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Elizabeth said...

Ahh, how sad. But I am excited for you and Elon :) What a cute picture!